Wasps & Ants


Efficient control of wasps and ants in the Black Country


Lasting solution

If there are wasps and ants in your house, you need expert help to remove them. Not only can they cause painful stings and bites, they can also cause other health risks. If you are in or around Oldbury, get in touch with Black Country Pest Control for efficient control of wasps and ants. 

We also provide rodent control, vacant property clearances as well as grounds clearance. Have a look at some images of our various services. 

Troubled with the wasps and ants in your property? For effective wasps and ant control in Oldbury, call:
 07939 844 382
07772 904 379

Wasps and ants control that we do

We offer the following wasps and ants control measures:

At Black Country Pest Control, we will provide a tailor made solution that aptly suits your home or business. Our services are available in the Black Country area including Oldbury, Dudley, Walsall and Sandwell. 
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